Do you want to make your customers happy? Then it would help if you made sure that there’s a list of things you do or don’t want with the stuff they buy from you.

#1: Don’t Send Them the Wrong Item

Customers don’t like it when you send them the wrong thing. The best way to avoid this is by sending them an email before sending anything out to ensure that they received what they actually ordered and want what they actually ordered.

#2: Don’t Send Them Damaged Goods

It really sucks when someone has spent their hard-earned money on something and then gets home to find that the box containing the item is damaged or broken open. You can’t always help it if your items get damaged during shipping – sometimes accidents happen – but if you take care of it as soon as possible, then there’s less likely to be a problem later down the line. It’s also good to put all of your items in a box that’s not too big – rather than having multiple boxes for each individual item. There’s more room for things to shift around and get damaged or broken with bigger boxes.

#3: Don’t Take Too Long to Ship the Items

When customers order something from you, they’re usually hoping to have it as soon as possible – this is because people aren’t going to wait forever to buy stuff from your store if you take too long. You need to ship out items as soon as you can so that customers can go on with their lives instead of waiting around indefinitely for something to arrive at their door.

#4: Don’t Charge an Unreasonable Shipping Price

Customers really don’t like it when you charge an unreasonable amount for shipping. The best way to figure out what’s reasonable is by using your competitor’s shipping prices as a guide. You can also ask friends and family members if they would be willing to pay the price that you’re thinking about charging.

#5: Don’t Charge Extra for Insurance

Customers hate it when you make them pay extra for insurance – which, by the way, should always be included in the shipping price. This means that customers are forced to either spend more money than they wanted on something or take a risk with their purchase not arriving at all (or arriving damaged). The safest thing to do is just offer free insurance during checkout so that everyone walks away happy rather than disappointed.

#6: Don’t Make Returning the Item Too Much of a Hassle


Customers don’t like it when returning an item is really difficult or inconvenient for them – this means that they won’t come back to your store again if they need to do something like pay extra money for shipping and handling on a returned item, and then wait around forever for you to process the refund (months). You can also avoid making returns too much of a hassle by offering free return shipping and keeping clear return policies.

#7: Do Offer Multiple Payment Options

Customers want to feel as if you’re not just trying to rip them off, so offering multiple types of payment options is a good way for them to know that they’re getting a fair deal. They will also be more likely to come back and purchase from your store again in the future because they won’t have any regrets about buying something from you. Contact reliable credit and debit card payment processors to see how you can start accepting card payments on your website.

#8: Do Offer Promotions and Special Offers

If you offer special promotions and deals regularly, then customers are more likely to keep coming back to your store, which will help you increase your sales. It’s also good for them because they won’t have to spend as much money to get a good deal.

#9: Do Keep Clear Return Policies

Customers don’t like it when there’s something unclear about whether or not they’re able to return an item (and, if so, what they’ll need to do to return it). This means that customers will always be left with the feeling that there might be something wrong with an item they bought from your store. People like to know exactly what they’re getting when they buy something – and how they can return it if there’s a problem with it.

#10: Do Keep Everything Up to Date

Customers like it when your store is nice and up-to-date because this means that you keep everything running smoothly, and it’s easy for them to find the items they want. It also makes customers feel as if you’re really serious about making sure they are happy with your store, which will positively affect their opinion of your store.

To keep your customers happy, you must avoid doing anything that might upset them – which means that you should avoid doing things like charging an unreasonable amount for shipping, making returns difficult or inconvenient, not offering multiple payment options, etc.

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