Ever been curious about the life of a pest control worker? Prepare to be fascinated. We often envision them as tireless hunters, always on the move. But what’s the reality? Let’s turn to Chris Van’s YouTube channel for a glimpse into his daily routine.

Pest control is akin to running your own business, offering a sense of freedom. Depending on the location, a pest control worker’s day can be packed from dawn to dusk.

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Yet, there are also periods of downtime, either in certain areas or during specific seasons. In essence, pest control workers spend their time waiting for clients, conducting surveys and estimates, and selecting the most effective extermination methods.

Is Pest Control Difficult?
Some might argue that pest control is a tough gig, and they wouldn’t be wrong. The variety of critters can make problem-solving a real challenge. Yet, the sense of accomplishment when you succeed is unparalleled. Being a commercial pest control worker comes with a host of benefits, making it a truly rewarding profession. 

The Bottom Line
Being a pest control technician can be cumbersome, especially for the squeamish. Despite that, many people still take on the job. The reward of helping a family out is worth it, as it can help those feel achieved and allow them to broaden their reach.

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