Commercial plumbing is a difficult industry that can take a toll on a person after an extended period of time. Most of the work is physical labor done within commercial and industrial properties, so much heavy lifting is to be expected. However, there are plenty of tools and machines to make these jobs easier and more efficient so commercial plumbers can remain healthy and strong.

This video discusses everything you need to know about the commercial side of plumbing.

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The expert relies on his own experiences to explain the facets of plumbing in a commercial setting. He explains that many jobs are not easy to get to or to park near. Buses or vans are often used to transport a plumber from their vehicle to the job site, which adds time to the commute and takes time away from actually doing their jobs.

This is much different than a residential plumber, where jobs are normally in homes with driveways or parking nearby. This makes getting to the job much easier and more time-effective, leading to more time spent on the job itself. This is a factor that you may want to consider as you’re choosing your career.

Residential and commercial plumbers have many similarities and differences, so it’s important to do your research before you choose where you’ll spend your career.

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