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You will be amazed to know that dairy farmers follow stringent rules while operating their businesses. They take many steps to protect the land, water, air, and animals in the process. Moreover, dairy farmers’ practices contribute to fuel efficiency. Most of the farmers in the US go beyond the norms and take a personalized interest in deploying beneficial operational practices.

Sustainability is an important issue for such farmers, as most are family-owned businesses. Moreover, the current generation wants to pass the company to the new ones. Apart from providing you with fresh milk every morning, the dairy farmers continuously improve their operational models to better the animals they rear, the environment, and the community.

Here are a few ways dairy businesses protect the environment. Your knowledge about these can boost your outlook on the community.

Keep the Air Clean

You will find the dairy farmers feeding their cattle with special and nutritious diets that can reduce odor. Additionally, most such farmers install air filtration systems in their barns that help to circulate the air outside and bring in the fresh air. Most of them keep the waste in covered bins outside the barns and use them as compost in their agricultural land. Thus, this reduces the odor inside the barn, and you will be able to breathe in fresh air if you happen to visit it.

Use Proper Vehicles

The dairy farmers use high-quality aluminum cattle trailers, which are better than steel ones. These offer numerous benefits to the farmer and the environment as well. Moreover, they are lighter. So, less fuel is required to pull them across the region, which helps save costs and preserve natural resources.

Less fuel consumption also leads to low amounts of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere. These are cost-effective solutions for dairy farmers in the long run. The qualities of the metal make it the best choice in the dairy and livestock industry. Apart from providing some respite for the environment, these vehicles also last longer. They do not rust as well, like the older steel ones. It is a win-win situation for both the farmer and the environment.

Save Water Resources

Dairy farms also recycle and reuse water resources. You will find them adding a lot of waste compost to the soil, which helps retain water. Thus, they do not require much water to irrigate their fields. The water they use to clean the barns is then redirected to the areas for irrigation. Most modern dairy farms use cooling tubes of water to cool the milk. They again redirect the same water for the cattle to drink. Additionally, you will find dairy farmers growing crops that are primarily drought-resistant to feed their cattle. It helps to save water for irrigation purposes.

Reuse Waste Matter

It is already a known fact that manure is the best fertilizer. Moreover, dairy farmers are adept at making it. Most such farmers are into composting practices, which helps them redirect the waste to create a good crop. Additionally, many sell manure in the market and help the community. Some of the most modern dairy farms have installed machines to convert the waste matter into electricity. They also distribute a part of it to the adjoining farms.

Protects the Animals

The dairy farms also ensure to take good care of the animals. The clean and tidy barns lead to fewer insects and pests that can harm the animals. Thus, they remain disease-free. The dairy farmers prepare the udders before milking not to get hurt. Their best practices include cleaning the udders regularly and checking for infections. The farmers also massage the udders so that they are in good health. Positioning the hose support on the udder is also done with care and expertise. Additionally, they apply post dips to the teats to maintain their good health.

Add Alternate Energy Resources
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Many modern dairy farms are installing solar panels on the roof of the barns to generate electricity, apart from installing methane digesters. This reduces the farm’s carbon footprint. Solar panels help to utilize the energy of the sun and create energy. It is a renewable source, so there is no danger of diminishing it with continuous usage.

Research on Better Farming

The dairy farmers continuously research better dairy industry practices that can increase milk production to feed the masses. They also invest considerably in genetics to produce more milk with fewer cattle. Artificial insemination is also one of the ways the farmers breed more animals with superior genes. It leads to higher milk production in a safe environment.

These are a few of the ways dairy farmers are protecting the environment. With more advancement in technology, you can expect them to develop more changes in how they operate for a sustainable future for all.

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