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Every parent wants their child to be safe and thrive, and teaching them survival skills is one way to help ensure their success. If you’re a parent, you know that you are not always available to watch over your child. Even if there is a reliable safety alert system at school, it’s still necessary to teach your kid some survival skills.

While you can’t teach your child everything they need to know to survive, some basic skills will be of great help.

Finding Their Way

One of the most important things you can teach your child is how to find their way out of some very common dangerous situations. For example, if your child gets lost in the woods while playing or goes off-track during a hike, you can teach them about using natural elements to help them get back home.

Reading Maps Directions

For instance, they should know that moss on trees typically grows on the north side, so if they are lost, they can find their way by looking for moss on the trees and following it north. They should also know how to read a compass, which can be helpful if they are stranded in an unfamiliar area. Reading maps and following directions can also help keep them safe when driving.

Making a Fire
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Another important survival skill is learning how to make a fire. This can come in handy if your child becomes lost in the woods or gets stranded somewhere at night. Teaching your child how to make a fire under any conditions is important.

Even if it isn’t freezing outside, a good fire can provide warmth and comfort for them while they wait to be rescued. You should teach your child about different types of fire-making materials and how to build a fire in different types of weather conditions.

Staying Safe During Emergencies

Finally, your child needs to know how to stay safe if they are in an emergency. This includes knowing how to call for help and what to do if they encounter danger. You can teach them about specific dangers in their area, such as poisonous snakes or spiders, and how to handle those situations.

Making Important Decisions

Since children are still learning, they may not always make the best decisions when in a dangerous situation. However, teaching them to think through their options and trust themselves can help them stay safe. For instance, if an adult follows your child at night, you should teach them to increase their pace and get somewhere crowded or well-lit.

First Aid

Teaching your child first aid is another important way to help ensure their safety. Every parent should know how to do this, but it can also be helpful for your children to learn too. They will be more prepared if they ever get hurt or encounter someone who is injured and need to step in and take charge until you arrive.


CPR can also be a lifesaving skill for your child. If they know how to do chest compression and rescue breaths, they could help save someone’s life in an emergency.

Trusting Their Instincts

Ultimately, one of the most important survival skills you can teach your child is trust their instincts. When they are in a difficult or dangerous situation, it is usually best to take action and get away from whatever is making them uneasy if they feel scared or uncomfortable.

Dealing with Strangers

Teaching your child how to handle themselves around strangers is vital. If your child knows what behaviors and actions are appropriate, they will be less likely to approach a stranger or go with one if they offer them candy or an enticing toy.

Always ask someone where their parents are before going anywhere with them, and if any adult ever makes them feel uncomfortable, they should immediately tell a trusted adult.

Being Prepared

No matter what you teach your child, the most important thing is always prepared. Make sure they have a bag with them at all times that contains essential items like water, snacks, a map, and a compass.

If they are going on a hike or spending time outdoors, they should also know how to identify poisonous snakes and spiders lurking in the area.

Other Survival Skills

There are many other survival skills you can teach your child. Teaching them techniques for surviving in different types of weather is important, as well as teaching them about animal tracks and what to do if they encounter dangerous animals.

Everyone should know how to tie a few basic knots since this can come in handy for climbing, tying up an animal, or hanging food outside to attract wild animals.

Teaching your child these essential survival skills will help give them the tools they need to stay safe in any situation. With some preparation and practice, your child can be confident and ready for anything.

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