In the past, small businesses have been at a disadvantage when it comes to technology. They simply haven’t had the resources to keep up with larger businesses. But that’s no longer the case. In today’s world, there are a number of technologies that small businesses can use to help them compete with larger businesses. And in many cases, these technologies are affordable and even free.

1. Social media marketing

Probably the most important technology that small businesses can use today is social media marketing. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have millions of users who are potential customers for small businesses. And unlike traditional forms of advertising, social media marketing allows customers to post feedback on services they have used right on the business’s social media account. That means you know what your customers are thinking, and can respond accordingly.

2. Cloud storage

Everyone is familiar with cloud storage by now. While it may seem like a simple technology, it’s used every day, and there are many ways that businesses can take advantage of it. Cloud storage is especially important to small businesses because they don’t have the resources to keep tons of data on hand at all times. In fact, a cloud storage account is a good way to back up important files and information on the off chance that a disaster occurs.

3. IT support and security

Many small businesses don’t realize that they can avail of IT support from other companies to maximize the use of technology in their operations. For one, outsourced IT services provide constant monitoring of networks and servers, which can help businesses detect any possible security threats quickly. It’s also cost-effective, as you only pay for the services that you need. These services are especially useful to small businesses that don’t have full-time in-house employees to handle their technology infrastructure.

4. Website designing

It might seem like you have a small and insignificant business, but having a website is probably the most important technology that small businesses can use. An effective site can go a long way in attracting customers and building brand awareness. And for many companies today, an online store on their website has become an essential part of day-to-day operations. You only have to look at the way big companies with the same operations have changed their respective industries to understand how far a website can go.

5. Videos and photos

Another way that you can use technology to your advantage is through videos and photos. Websites, social media accounts, online stores — all of these can have photos and videos to help entice customers. These can be used in ads, or even on your website to highlight your products and services. Adding photos is also a good way to share highlights of your business with potential stakeholders.

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6. Payment processing tools

One thing that small businesses may not realize is that they don’t have to process all their payments in-house. There are many online payment processing tools available today that can significantly speed up transactions for your business, and there are even some that can be used on mobile devices. This also provides a certain level of security as you won’t have to handle large amounts of cold, hard cash in your register all the time.

7. Project management software

Project management software is an excellent way for teams of employees to keep track of their various projects, allowing them to manage schedules, delegate tasks, and create status reports as necessary. It’s especially useful in small businesses with limited time and resources, which are often required to work on many projects simultaneously.

8. Online coupons

Today’s consumers are more likely to shop online than ever before. That means for small businesses to compete with large retailers they have to be able to take payments online. But taking payments online isn’t enough — you also have to use marketing techniques that can help you stand out in an increasingly crowded market. One way to do this is with coupons, which can be very effective in promoting your business. You can even see success stories about online coupon marketing on the internet today, proving that it’s one of the best ways to attract customers and clients.

9. SEO strategies

Since more and more people are shopping online, it’s important for businesses to have a strong web presence. This is where SEO comes in — this marketing technique can help you build links with customers and clients, and even get high search engine rankings so that your website can come up when people look for information about the products and services you offer.

Small businesses can use technology to their advantage by implementing various strategies that we have mentioned in this article. These include using outsourced IT services, website designing, videos and photos, payment processing tools, project management software, online coupons, and SEO techniques. By using these technologies effectively, small businesses can compete with large retailers and increase their sales.

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