We’ve come a long way since the 1930s when working 12 hours a day, six days a week was commonplace; thanks to people who fought for a work-life balance long before it had the catchy name. Workers knew that a job was of no use if you couldn’t enjoy the spoils of your toils. Spending time with family, being able to run errands, and simply relaxing are just as crucial to our lives as work.

Today, more than ever, people are embracing the ‘work smarter, not harder’ approach to their jobs. Our younger generations have embraced the fight and determination of our ancestors and are pursuing even more of that work-life balance they fought hard to obtain. Many of us thought it would be a disaster to work from home during the pandemic of 2020, but it turned out to be the opposite.

Though the cause was unfortunate, many people found joy in not having to go into the office 8 hours a day, take part in long, grueling commutes, and stay in their pajamas. Workers figured out they could get the same amount of work done in half the time, spend time with their families, and do the dishes simultaneously. Thanks to technology, people could attend meetings while grocery shopping or work on a proposal while cooking dinner.

It was the perfect work-life balance we had all been in search of for years. Many companies found that their employees were more productive and happier working from home and continued the practice after lockdowns were over. They realized how crucial a balanced life is to mental, physical, and spiritual health. A lot of companies work from home or use hybrid schedules as a perk when hiring,

Not all occupations can allow for that type of work-life balance, but many do, and many more recognize the need for it; there’s also much more to a balanced life than working from home. The essence of work-life balance is to minimize stress.

It’s about finding ways that encourage general well-being and ensuring that one area doesn’t take over the other. In this blog, we will explore several excellent jobs that offer quality benefits to maintaining an increasingly crucial work-life balance.

1. Teacher

People often envy teachers for that whole summer thing. While there’s no doubt that’s a great work-life balance perk, teachers work hard throughout the school year. They have meetings, lesson planning, papers to correct, and parent conferences. Not to mention delivering instruction to students with various learning styles and possible behavior issues.

Teaching can be mentally and physically draining, so summer vacation is lovely and needed. While they are working hard to educate our youth, there are many reasons why being a teacher provides an outstanding work-life balance. First, most teachers love their jobs, so it’s not a chore to get up and go to work each day.

Interaction with a combination of children and adult colleagues can help minimize stress and allow for variety. The school day goes by relatively fast, and there are daily breaks. Teaching also allows teachers to have guaranteed weekends off so they can plan activities and spend time with family and friends. During the year, there are several days off and a few weeks of vacation to recharge and get things done around the house.

If you work in a private middle school, those vacations may be even longer. Speaking of that, if you have children and work in private elementary schools, you can get a discount on tuition. Your child can attend the same school you’re teaching at, and that can reduce the stress of childcare and the rush to pick up and drop off.

Teachers also get great medical benefits that cover their families. This, in turn, can ensure that everyone keeps mentally and physically healthy. Another work-life balance perk of this profession is that teachers get multiple days off for personal and family illness, as well as funeral and bereavement days. This allows for healing to occur without worrying about your job. To be a teacher, you must hold a bachelor’s degree and pass a state exam in the area you want to teach.

2. Digital Marketer

If working independently from just about anywhere is your idea of an outstanding work-life balance, then being a digital marketer may be for you. Digital marketers use technology like social media, websites, emails, and text messaging to boost the brand awareness of a company or product. Marketers may post on social media, create content, write blogs for websites, and send mass advertising through email and text messages. These professionals may also monitor sites, update as needed, analyze metrics, and develop new opportunities to garner new clients and boost publicity.

As a digital marketer, you often work as a team within an advertising agency, social media agency, or marketing firm. But you’ll usually get to work from wherever you like, whether home, the office, a park, or a coffee shop. As long as you can access your client’s web pages, social media, and email accounts, there’s no limit to where you can work.

Further, digital marketers can make their hours. As long as you meet deadlines and are productive, your hours are up to you. This frees you up to concentrate on other aspects of your life. Imagine the joy of reeling off some voicemails while driving to pick up the kids!

When marketers are especially busy, they may need to work seven days a week, but the hours will remain flexible. Though a college degree is unnecessary to become a digital marketer, many people hold degrees in advertising, marketing, English, and communications. The average digital marketer makes anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000 a year, depending on how many clients they have.

3. Shipping Professional

A shipping professional requires keen attention to detail and heavy-duty organizational skills. But if you set clear expectations with clients, it can also afford you that work-life balance we all crave. Shipping professionals are those folks who make sure we get our packages on time. Also known as shipping clerks, they receive, send, and track orders to customers.

They will verify that the package arrives on time to the right customer. A shipping professional may also prepare invoices, prepare orders, and maintain inventory. This is an excellent profession for maintaining a work-life balance for several reasons. First, there’s no bringing work home with you. Once you punch out, you’re done for the day.

Then, you can work in various industries, including grocery store wholesalers, mail order companies, and even shipping container sale companies. There’s no specific license required, so should you decide to move, you can easily find a job anywhere. Often, a shipping professional can work from home for part of the day, freeing them up to spend time with family.

The job allows for a lot of independence, sometimes working as a team. This removes the pressure if you don’t like people constantly in your space, yet you’ll have others to depend on when needed. To be a shipping professional, you need a high school diploma.

4. Rehab Worker

Having a job that doesn’t feel like work is one of the best ingredients to a healthy work-life balance. Being a rehab worker can be that profession for the right person. A rehab worker is typically employed in drug rehab and assists people in their pursuit of becoming sober from drugs or alcohol.

The position could be counselor, peer support, recreational director, or other related jobs. A job that allows you to help people can in itself be enough for a work-life balance for many. But there are other perks as well.

You often get to work in a small group, relaxed environment that allows you to dress casually and interact more personally with co-workers and clients than in other jobs. Rehab centers usually have a home atmosphere that can help with motivation and mental well-being. The schedules are somewhat flexible. Since many rehab facilities are open 24/7, you can choose your shift or switch with others when needed.

The benefits at most rehab centers are pretty good. Knowing your medical bills are covered is a giant leap toward a work-life balance. Many rehab centers will also pay to further the education of their employees. Becoming a rehab worker depends on what position you wish to hold.

5. Dog Daycare Worker

For people who love animals, especially pups, working at a doggy daycare can be a dream job. It allows you to work surrounded by your favorite furry friends all day. As for humans, your coworkers and clients will have a love of animals in common, so you’ll always have something to discuss.

Most dog daycares have no cage dog boarding, so if you don’t mind cleaning up some mess, a dog care job can give you real peace and happiness. You’ll have the chance to get fresh air and exercise, have significant holidays off, and even get deep discounts for your pup. For pet owners, there’s no better work-life balance than being able to take your buddy to work!

6. Gardener

If you adore flowers and cultivating and caring for them makes you jump for joy, being a gardener may be a career with the perfect work-life balance. Most enjoy the occasional planting or trimming, but it takes a particular person to design, plant, and nourish flora to help it achieve its maximum beauty. Gardeners get to be outside and work with their hands all day, which can help take your mind off household issues while at work. They get to interact with many different types of people as well.

Many gardeners can set their own hours and can free up time during the day to do other things. This profession has a lot of flexibility in where they can work. Some gardeners are self-employed, work for others, work for hotels, in a garden center, or towns. So you can decide how much of a workload you want. Attending college is not required, but some gardening experts do study horticulture.

7. Lawyer

With a law degree, you can achieve an excellent work-life balance. After attending law school and passing the bar exam, lawyers can work privately, as part of a group practice, the court system, or for large corporations. You can pursue a specialty that you’re passionate about, like child custody, civil rights, or defending those you believe to be innocent. Knowing that you’re helping people in need can be extremely helpful to your general well-being.

Many lawyers can work from home a great deal of the time and can help care for their household. Being a lawyer also allows you to travel, meet new people, and experience many things. You’ll also constantly learn and educate yourself on the latest societal developments.

There’s never a dull moment when practicing law. From mediating a divorce to defending the accused, you can choose the level of excitement that’s right to balance your life. The average salary for a lawyer is $115,000 a year, which can vary greatly due to several factors like location and specialty. For instance, a mortgage lawyer will make more than a public defender.

8. Fire Sprinkler Designer

If you enjoy designing blueprints while helping people stay safe at the same time, a career as a fire sprinkler designer may be worth looking into. This professional endeavor usually requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering and on-the-job training in building codes and sprinkler systems. A sprinkler designer develops layouts and plans that comply with codes, offer maximum protection, and are within the law. Sprinkler designers may also regularly inspect and maintain the systems.

They work closely with various people and organizations, like fire departments, park rangers, and officials in urban areas. A sprinkler designer is one of the most critical positions within fire sprinkler design companies. Though sprinkler designers can do some work from home, they spend a great deal of time in the field. This is a nice perk if you enjoy traveling, meeting many different people, and having a variety of tasks at your work.

Maintaining a good work-life balance is vital to your overall health. It’s also essential to a stable family life and keeping up with the pace of everyday life. Though many jobs are increasingly realizing the importance, ultimately, it’s up to you to clarify what your needs are to your employer and follow through with them yourself.

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