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The emergence of a new variant of the virus saw many companies rethinking their plans of letting their employees work on-site. Even though work-from-home arrangements protect employees from the virus, it affects their productivity since many employees get complacent while working from home.

So, business owners should find ways to increase the productivity of their employees. But they should be cautious to avoid alienating their employees. Business owners should be aware that there are 11 million jobs available in the market. Here are some ways for businesses to increase employee productivity.

Match Skills with Tasks

Matching the skills with the tasks will maximize efficiency since employees will know what to do. Due to this, business owners should know the capabilities of their employees so they can assign tasks that they are capable of doing.

While some employees can do all jobs in the office if they will be more productive if they focus on tasks they specialize in. Business owners should ask themselves if an employee is suitable for the task before letting them perform it.

Provide Incentives and Benefits

Providing incentives and benefits is another way for businesses to motivate their employees. And motivated employees work harder. They are also more productive compared to employees who are not motivated. Companies can increase their base salaries, provide paid-time-off credits, and offer medical insurance.

The pandemic highlighted the importance of medical insurance since people who get infected by the virus can get a severe case that requires hospitalization. So, businesses should consider providing health insurance to their employees to motivate them.

Business owners can also work with a fiduciary financial advisor to help the employees with their retirement investments. This financial professional has the best interests of their clients in mind. So, the business will know that they will take care of the future of their employees.

Improve Access to Technology

When the employees started working from home, some of them did not have the equipment they needed for work. And when they do not have the equipment, employees get frustrated, and their productivity will suffer.

Businesses can take advantage of the latest developments in technology to ensure remote employees stay connected. Cloud computing allows the employees to collaborate even if they live in different locations. Mobile devices also allow employees to work even if they are on the road. Providing employees with these tools increases their productivity at work.

Aside from productivity, providing proper equipment will help protect confidential information. The increasing incidents of cyberattacks have made it important for companies have to provide proper equipment to protect company data for their remote employees.

Communicate with the Employees

Business owners should keep communication lines open with their employees. Open communication allows employees to talk with each other and discuss ideas to finish a project. It also allows them to complete tasks faster. In this situation, productivity in the workplace increases.

Communicating with each other also allows employees to avoid conflicts. It also promotes teamwork and encourages innovation. When employees feel that they can approach their managers, it will prevent problems from becoming worse. It also allows managers to provide feedback to their employees faster.

Encourage Flexible Schedules

Offering flexible schedules also allows employees to work in their most productive times of the day. Due to this, business owners should consider not sticking to a strict nine-to-five schedule. They can also allow their employees to work two shorter time blocks equal eight hours, instead of working eight continuous hours every day.

With this schedule, the employees will feel efficient and productive. And when they have a two-hour break in the middle of their work schedule, they will have the energy they need to finish the day. Businesses with remote employees should define the availability hours of their employees.

Provide Suitable Training

Some businesses are tempted to reduce training to save money, which is important during the uncertainty in the economy. But offering training is another way for companies to improve productivity in their workforce. If employees do not receive training for their jobs, they will be inefficient and affect their productivity.

Business owners should make sure to provide training to their employees to ensure they stay afloat. Aside from initial training, the business should provide continuous employee development to increase the skill set of their employees. With an expanded skillset, the employee can accomplish more tasks for the benefit of the business.

So, business owners should offer individual coaching sessions, seminars, workshops, educational courses, and mentoring.

Enhancing employee productivity is essential to allow a business to increase its revenue in the middle of a pandemic.

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