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You’ve just moved into a new house-congratulations! But as you start to unpack, you realize that the previous homeowners didn’t take very good care of the place. The walls are dirty, the carpets are stained, and the furniture is outdated. Don’t worry — here are some tips on how to make an old home look brand new.

1. Give your house a fresh coat of paint.

The first thing you will want to do is paint the walls in each room. If old and crusty wallpaper is still attached to your walls, rip them off and try to remove the adhesive residue. Scrub the surface down and dry it before you give them a nice, clean coat of white or cream color that looks great and makes the rooms feel bigger. Allow one week for the paint to dry before moving on to start other renovations.

2. Replace the flooring.

If you have old, ugly carpets in your house, it’s time to replace them. The flooring is an integral part of any home and can really add to the overall look of a place. If you don’t want to install hardwood or tiles, consider getting laminate wood flooring that is easy to clean and maintain while still looking like the real deal.

3. Replace your windows and doors.

If you have drafty, single-pane windows or old, rotting patio doors that have seen better days, consider getting new ones to allow more light inside and keep out cold air during wintertime. You can get high-quality windows and doors that are custom-made to fit your house at relatively low prices, allowing you to invest in other home renovations instead of just the windows.

4. Update the furniture.

Now that the walls have been scrubbed clean, it’s time to get rid of old furniture and get some brand new pieces. Consider getting simple, modern-looking couches in light colors along with matching coffee tables. Get rid of all your older appliances since they’re probably outdated anyway or have them reupholstered if they are still in good shape.

5. Fix up the bathrooms and kitchen.

Bathrooms are another important part of any home. If yours are dingy or have stained tiles, start with getting new fixtures to spruce the place up. Replace the old sink and bathtub/shower combo with modern versions that don’t look outdated. Get some good-looking tiles on the floor that complement the new paint on your walls and replace the toilet if needed.

If you don’t want to install a full kitchen, consider installing a sink and mini refrigerator if you have a spare bedroom that could use the extra storage space. Invest in new countertops in granite or marble, along with some nice-looking cabinets for added functionality.

6. Knock down a wall or two.

If you have rooms that are too small for your liking, consider knocking down a wall or two to make the house look bigger. You could also install a half wall instead if that’s more your style. Modern homes opt for spacious and open rooms so this step can help not only to give the place a new floorplan but also give the illusion of space.

7. Improve your yard and exterior of the house.

Improve the overall look of your home by investing in new landscaping and outdoor furniture. Whether you’re looking for a new deck, patio, or front and backyard, we can help turn your yard into an oasis instead of just a place where grass and weeds grow.

8. Get some brand new appliances and furniture inside and out.

Once all the renovations in your house are complete, consider getting yourself some new pieces of furniture and appliances. You can get a new TV or entertainment center, new couches with matching coffee tables, new appliances for the kitchen, and even some art to spruce up each room.

9. Get rid of clutter.

Clutter can give any home a cramped feel so it’s important to have the place looking as tidy as possible. Get rid of old boxes, bags, and other items you don’t need anymore — even if they’re still in good shape. If you no longer use them or just don’t need them occupying space around the house, get rid of them.

By making these renovations on your home, you’ll notice a significant difference in the overall look of your house. It will be clean and fresh-looking without appearing too modern or sterile. You’ll also notice that you could potentially sell the place, which is another added bonus to making these renovations. No matter how old your home is, with a little elbow grease and a few trips to the hardware store, you can have it looking great again in no time.

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