The video starts with Kevin Gray, President of ADC Paving, saying that making the customer buying experience easier is among the best things one can do investment-wise. He then proceeds to give an example of Amazon, highlighting its ease of navigation as the reason so many people use it for online shopping. One can find any product they want, whether they know or don’t know what they’re looking for.
There’s a wide selection of products and sections where users can find comments, feedback, and ratings. They’ve made buying and transacting easier; the reason they’ve exploded.

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Kevin then says that the more technology a business invests in to make the decision-making process smoother and educate customers, the better. In his case, he mentions that investing in a drone and GoPro exponentially helped their sales grow.
He clarifies that this doesn’t mean one should flood customers with several pages of specs, notes, and technical data. Instead, it should be things they can put in front of their face and only go through a few pages of simple, easy-to-digest information to help them decide. For local paving contractors, this could be pavement assessment software, illustrator, or even Microsoft Paint. Anything that can make the process simple and the business stand out from the competition. These are some of the ways pavers stay in business.

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