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Life can get pretty hectic. But suppose you’re looking at an entrepreneur’s schedule. The word “busy” doesn’t begin to explain just how physically and mentally taxing building a brand, launching a business, and cycling from one management task to the next can be. As a result, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to devote their entire body, mind, and soul to their craft, to the point where they can’t spare any other time to help balance things out, most especially going to the gym and staying fit.

However, while there’s more than enough reason to believe that managing a schedule like that is difficult, even the busiest entrepreneurs are more than capable of putting in time for a workout once they get into the swing of things. And with a bit of practice and some lifestyle changes here and there, it’s not impossible to balance the high-stakes business lifestyle and the grueling sessions of high-intensity exercise routines.

Make Full Use Of Your Less-Productive Hours

First of all, the best way to incorporate exercise into a businessperson’s lifestyle is to make full use of the less-productive hours spread throughout the day and week. You see, while most like to believe they are cranking out 100% of their power, their motivation goes through highs and lows depending on the circumstances. Instead of cramming work for 10+ hours, switch out your less-productive time like an afternoon slump, the early morning rush, or free hours during the weekend for exercise.

Turn the Afternoon Slump into a Workout

Afternoons are infamous for being dead hours for anyone trying to finish a deadline, and it’s the very reason why so many people look for alternatives to bump up their energy. But, if napping isn’t your thing and going out for a snack doesn’t sit right with you, you can use this slump as your perfect opportunity for a workout session.

Complete a 30-Minute Routine Every Morning

For others, the entire day from clocking in until the dead of night is jampacked with meetings and business decisions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the early morning instead. Of course, waking an hour earlier will take some getting used to, but it’s more than enough to squeeze in a quick 30-minute high-intensity training routine.

Set Time Aside During the Weekends

Now, it’s understandable that it’s pretty standard for entrepreneurs to spend their weekends planning for the week ahead and making preparations, but giving your brain zero time to rest isn’t a sustainable habit in the long run. So while crunching more hours may become necessary at times, you should set a day for taking a step back or, in this case, using the weekends for your full-body workouts like rapper Jim Jones’ calisthenics routine.

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Don’t Just Focus On Exercise Alone

Secondly, while a lot of fat loss and muscle building may seem like the product of your exercises alone, there are numerous different aspects to your lifestyle that can significantly impact your health and the way you look. Specifically, for entrepreneurs that are short on time, you must emphasize cleaning up your eating habits, getting as much sleep as possible, and maybe even consider meeting with a professional.

Switch to Smaller and Healthier Meals

Anyone busy, most especially entrepreneurs, is often guilty of choosing more convenient fast food options for their meals. But a quick look at their nutrients list will immediately show they lack essentials and are excess in terms of calories. Therefore, you’ll need to plan your meals yourself, potentially switching to an intermittent fasting type of diet.

Give Your Body Ample Time To Recover

Sometimes, burning the midnight oil and staying up late into the night is inevitable when engaging in entrepreneurial activities. Still, please remember to give your body ample time to recover too. Some studies have shown clear correlations between muscle loss and not enough sleep, and that’s not mentioning how badly it affects your metabolism and energy for the next day.

Consider Professional Treatment

Stubborn fat and love handles will always exist, and no matter how hard you try to spot-reduce these areas, no exercise technique or magic pill will ever resolve these troublesome features. However, perhaps it’s the one thing keeping you from realizing your physique goals or making you feel good about yourself. Don’t shy away from getting professional treatment because body-contouring flatiron packages and non-invasive methods are becoming more effective and affordable the day.

While entrepreneurs can get pretty busy at times, anyone can find a schedule that works for them with a bit of creativity, consistency, and practice. So, before you double-down all your effort into expanding your business and building that career, remember that introducing a bit more balance in your life is healthier and more sustainable.

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